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PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof

PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: Standard components are the basis for variable roof shapes.
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: Reliable protection against the effects of the weather increase the efficiency and the quality of the site results.
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: The assembly of the roof in single movable girder segments allows the easy opening of the roof, e.g. for the delivery of materials.
The roof elements can be moved in the longitudinal direction by means of wheels so that, for example, materials can be lifted in by crane.
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof LGS: The crane lifts the complete segment quickly and safely into position after pre-assembly on the ground.


With the PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof, temporary and protective roofing facilities can be quickly and easily realized. The system is used for roof refurbishment, extension work, bridge and motorway construction sites or at jobsites during the colder winter months. LGS is designed to accommodate large spans and high loads. It provides a high level of safety both during assembly as well as use. As an option, the roof can be designed as a movable version.

Fast assembly
Easy pre-assembly on the ground, and raising the complete girder package by crane

Flexible adaptability
Can be realized with different inclinations and geometries

Safe without personal protective equipment
Walkways ensure safe working conditions on the roof segments without requiring personal protective equipment against falls from a height.

Technical Details

  • Spans up to 45 m, up to 35 m without tension system
  • Standard roof inclination 15°; project-specififi c roof inclinations on request
  • Dimensions of LGS Basic Element H = 150 cm, L = 300 cm or L = 150 cm
  • Variable girder spacings from 50 cm to 300 cm
  • Individual roof geometries through project-specififi c adaptation of the Ridge Elements
  • As an option, the tarpaulin can be closed by means of an electric drawing-in device
  • Optional heated sheeting prevents ice and snow accumulation