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HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork

The robust and economical formwork system for crane-independent applications –
Less weight, more flexibility, better handling 


HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork

The QUICKSHORE High Load Shoring
System is used for:

  • falsework (supporting formwork) i.e. a structure on which soffit formwork is placed.

  •  propping of structures where grids are erected to provide additional support / assist with columns, ect.

  • pre-propping / re-propping, where temporary supports are required tosupport concrete structures until such time as the concrete structurehas gained suffi cient strength to support its designed weight

This streamlined, integrated portfolio keeps the need for on-site training to a minimum and saves valuable time and costs. Only two people are needed to assemble the system. A crane is not required. The high quality steel and powder-coated panels make HANDSET Alpha particularly durable and reduce maintenance costs.

Modular extremely flexible in all three dimensions through uniform grid sizes.

High-load bearing leg load capacity up to 80kN can be supported safely even for considerable heights

Dimensionally stable can be moved due to the rigidity of the ledger connections being truly nodal

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Read the Project Report 

Simon Vermooten Bridge, Pretoria

Simon Vermooten Bridge
Simon Vermooten Bridge, Pretoria
Simon Vermooten Bridge, Pretoria
Due to the influx of traffic on the Simon Vermooten road in Pretoria, the existing bridge was widened by constructing new bridges on either side.

Read the project report:

University Mohammed VI, Rabat, Morocco

Technical details of HANDSET Alpha

  • Robust panels with a weight of 34.5 kg/m²
  • A small portfolio with of only a few elements differing in terms of height (3.00 m/1.50 m/1.20 m) and width (0.90 m 0.60 m/0.30 m)
  • All of the panels can be used as multi-panels 
  • Max. permissible fresh concrete pressure: 60 kN/m² (for walls)
  • Max. permissible fresh concrete pressure: 60 kN/m² (for columns up to 900 mm x 900 mm)
  • Max. permissible fresh concrete pressure: 75 kN/m² (for columns up to 600 mm x 600 mm)
  • Columns ranging from 150 mm x 150 mm up to 900 mm x 900 mm without tie rods
  • Easy cleaning due to inclined profiles in combination with high-quality powder-coated frames

Watch the video to learn more about the technical details of HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork: 

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Product Instructions for assembly and use 

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QUICKSHORE Shoring - 80kN High load capacity shoring system with quick and easy assembly and striking