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Water Towers, Togo

Project data

Location: Lomé, Togo

  • Infrastructure Development - Lomé, Togo


  • 2 × 20 m High water towers
  • 21.4 m High internal shaft of ∅ 2 m
  • 20 m High circular tank of upper ∅ 16.76 m at 55° reclination
  • Roof slab with radial down-stand beams


Société Togolaise des Eaux (TDE) and the Société de Patrimoine Eau et Sanitation en Milieu Urbain et Semi-Urban (SP-Eau)

Customer's benefit

  • No plywood boxouts results in significant cost saving on material.
  • Special lifting bracket created for lifting in line with centre of gravity
  • Circular access shaft realised with steel shutter and special Circular BR platform

PERI solution

  • Safe and fast erection and installation
  • Safe working space at height
  • Easy striking of shutters and re-using the material for economical utilisation
  • Safe stair tower to reach SCS Platforms
  • Scaffolding standing inside the tank on the sloped walls to form the roof slab soffit
  • Steel shutter for circular access shaft inside tank