Our team can support you on site

On-site Services

PERI services at your project site.

With our team of experienced site demonstrators and project managers, we can support your project from the outset through to completion.


What support do you need?


  • Working Safely with PERI UK
    Product Demonstrations

    Our qualified Supervisors can help with:

    • Demonstrations for the operation and handling of PERI formwork and scaffolding systems
    • Explanation of plans and parts lists
    • Information on the maintenance, cleaning and storage of PERI formwork and scaffolding systems
  • Optimized PERI solutions by systems and engineering for each project - worldwide
    Project Coordination

    Our experienced Project Managers can help with:

    • Cost-effective planning, delivery and management of material use
    • Organisation and coordination of the formwork and scaffolding planning
    • Supervising the on-schedule provision of materials
    • Coordinating the movement of materials on the construction site
    • Organising the return delivery processes
    • Compiling key figure reports on a weekly and monthly basis

Commercial Services

See the flyer on on-site services below for further details.