At PERI, people are our most important asset.

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For us, "career" means that every employee may advance based on their talents, knowledge, and interests. We think that people adapt in response to their work, which is why, in addition to pre-defined professional tracks, we provide opportunities for individual development.


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Employee Stories

You can find out more below about what our employees have to say about PERI and the journeys they've made.

  • PERI team
    Lerato Selelane, Design Office Manager Inland

    "PERI values its employees' professional and academic development. It has been a great privilege for me to be able to earn two qualifications in the course of my time with the organization, both of which have provided me with the awareness and ability to effectively perform my job."

  • staff
    Werner Beyers, Lead Engineer

    "I started with PERI in the final year of my bachelor's degree, and I have never looked back! Even after a decade, there is almost never a typical, boring day here. Every day brings a new challenge to test and overcome. PERI allows me to wear diverse hats every day and has always given me the freedom to create, adapt, and grow outside of my area of expertise."

  • PERI team
    William Ndou, Project Manager

    "PERI shaped my career by exposing me to complex projects, product training, and hands-on experience with clients across the continent. I was able to form and exercise my opinion with other departments and share my views. Seeing our clients understand what PERI stands for makes me so proud to be a PERI employee."