CNC Cutting and Formwork Assembly

CNC Cutting and Formwork Assembly

Custom formwork for your bespoke project requirements.

Our skilled fabrication team can produce cut-to-size plywood panels and special formwork to suit any project requirement. This includes bespoke working platforms, box outs or 3D formwork units of any shape and size, fully prepared and ready to erect once delivered to site.

CNC Cutting and Formwork Assembly in action


  • CNC Cutting and Formwork Assembly
    Perfectly assembled

    for the individual component or structural shapes

  • CNC Cutting and Formwork Assembly
    With high quality

    executed by well-trained skilled staff in modern prefabrication facilities using the very latest machine technology

Precision-made for an individual design

Freeform Formwork

For the construction of complex, multi-curved reinforced concrete components, PERI provides customised freeform formwork. Based on a 3D building model with so-called freeform surfaces, the formwork units are individually produced in the PERI formwork assembly facilities. Assembling the individual elements on the construction site is similar to system formwork.


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