PERI's VARIO formwork system achieves high concrete finish to Derbyshire Resevoir Walls

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Ivory Coast water treatment plant.
 An overview of the site
Ngewelezane Hospital
N7 Malmesbury Bridge
Zimbali Suites
PERI Centurion offered a complete package for Trencon Construction, by providing design, site supervision and transport in addition to supplying a range of PERI products and conventional equipment for the various solutions required to successfully construct this intricately designed structure.
N17 Pedestrian Bridges
Maxwell Parkade and Bridge
Flanders Road Bridge
Simon Vermooten Bridge
Umlodti Bridge
Recharged Aquifer Project
Improved Safety = Faster Slab Turnaround
The Polihali diversion tunnels in Lesotho formed part of the second phase of construction of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (PHWP II). It builds on the successfully completed first phase of the project where Katse Dam was the main focus.
Alex Mall
Bosjes Chapel
Key West Apartments, Milnerton, Cape Town - total PERI formwork solution for upmarket apartment building
Transnet Dividing Wall, Richards Bay - efficient PERI formwork solutions for port terminal storage areas
Nsezi Reservoir
Richards Bay Medical Center
Growthpoint Properties and Illovo Sugar Head Office
CCI Call Centre
Discovery Head Office with PERI Systems
IDZ Yekani
Slabs formed with PERI MULTIFLEX
Riverside Office Park
N2 Kokstad Interchange Project
Ghana Revenue Authority Head Office
Crossings Shopping Complex
The Dune Project
A unique suspended slab-support system was designed for this project.  A travelling gantry was designed to meet the unique time and labour requirements for this project.
Ilanga Mall
Barlow Park
Toyota Richards Bay
Bisho Offices
Creative formwork for energy giant - Sasol’s new head office in Sandton
First PERI RCS project in South Africa - Alice Lane Phase 3
Bisho offices phase 2
SwartKlip Filter plants
Kumafilila 1.5 ML reservoir cluster 5
A groundbreaking mixed-use project in the Heart of the Mother City
Nordhavnsvej Tunnel - The formwork carriage has been designed so that trucks can pass through at any time without obstacles. Due to the cramped site conditions, an absolutely essential requirement for the execution.
Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russia - For construction of the emergency parking bays, the formwork carriage was designed with a width of 14.30 m. Moving the carriage to the next bay through the smaller-sized standard cross-section, required a reduction in the maximum external dimensions.
Waldschlösschenbrücke, Dresden, Germany - Two steel arches, each with a span of 148 m, carry the middle section of the Waldschloesschen Bridge 26 m above the Elbe.
Formwork solution with system components of VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit
Viaduct Krakow-Płaszow Railway Junction - Customized solution through the flexible and modular adaptability of the system.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The 258 m long and 50 m high arched bridge crosses the Opamo Valley in the Bohemian Forest.
Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal - Up to 30 m high VARIOKIT VST heavy-duty shoring towers served as falsework for the construction of the bridge edge sections. Each leg carried a load of around 600 kN.
Térénez Bridge, Crozon, France - Using a combination of ACS self climbing technology and VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork, a crane-independent and safe solution was developed.
Capitol Hill Station, Seattle, USA - The VARIOKIT formwork carriage and HD 200 heavy-duty props were used for the construction of the new subway station in Seattle.
Chachenka Motorway Bridge, Moscow, Russia - The 22.25 m wide superstructure sections were constructed with section lengths ranging from 3.40 m to 4.10 m in regular 10-day cycles.
The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge has the highest concrete bridge piers in the world, and will eventually connect the European and Asian continents after its completion in 2015.
BBI Airport, Berlin Brandenburg, Germany - Only when seen from an aerial perspective is the scale of the construction site really apparent: the area is the size of around 2,000 football pitches.
Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB), China - The 180 m long tunnel elements are cast in eight individual segments each 22.50 m long – monolithic, without ties and in compliance with strict dimensional tolerances.
Lanaye Lock Bridge, Belgium - In the complex area with an extremely tight outer radius, the concentrated loads of the radially-arranged cantilever brackets are transferred into the available bridge piers by means of pressure supports.
Lekki Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria - The Lekki Ikoyi Bridge in Lagos is the first cable-stay bridge in Nigeria.
Marchlehner Gallery, Sölden, Austria - The VARIOKIT tunnel formwork solution accelerated construction of the 228 m long Marchlehner gallery situated at a height of 1,800 m above sea level. The competent planning process took into account al possible project requirements which ensured on-schedule completion before the onset of winter.
Midfield Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi - The Midfield Terminal Complex is the ultimate in construction sites.
Metro extension, Algiers - The Algerian metro station "Place des Martyrs" is 144 m long and features record-breaking dimensions with its 23 m width and 14.80 m height.
Motorway bridge over the Drava, Osijek, Croatia - A VARIOKIT cantilevered parapet carriage serves for constructing the external cantilevered parapets.
Bridge over the Dunajec, Tarnow, Poland - With some supplementary system components, the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit can also be used for the balanced cantilever construction method.
Designed by Zaha Hadid, the new station – a construction consisting of concrete, glass and steel in the form of a bridge – is characterized by numerous curved shapes. Traffic flows from travelers inspired the architect to create this extraordinary shape.
LGS Weather Protection Roof from PERI, the lattice girder system for weather protection, rain protection, snow protection, hail protection.
Unusual Scaffolding solution: Cantilevered instead of positioning. New engineered working scaffold solution.
Lascaux IV - Centre International d’Art Pariétal (CIAP): Overall view of the museum complex. Through the TRIO panel formwork, the high requirements on the concrete surfaces have been fully met.
Earthquake-proof shoring solution for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center building in Athens. Designed by the Architect Renzo Piano.
Centre Pompidou, Metz, France - The tent-like roof construction reached a height of 77 m. For the up to 32 m high PERI UP Rosett shoring towers, adapting to the complex roof geometry was carried out using system components from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit.
Mausoleum Michniów - The museum shape symbolizes a traditional village hut, which gradually crumbles into dust. Numerous offsets and inclined surfaces characterize the complex structure. PERI engineers developed a customized formwork concept in order to carry out the project with a minimum quantity of special formwork.
Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro - For realising the extraordinary museum on time and within budget, PERI planned, produced and delivered over 3,500 customised special formwork elements.
Pegasus Sculpture, USA - The 33 m high and 60 m long sculpture ensemble, featuring Pegasus and a dragon, was realised in a larger than life size. With the help of the PERI UP solution, more than 1,000 bronze castings could be assembled and welded on site.
St. Martins Therme & Lodge, Frauenkirchen, Austria - With formwork and scaffolding systems perfectly matched each structural component, the concrete frame could be completely finished in only 9 months.
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - With the help of the customized PERI formwork and scaffolding solution, a new campus complex is being realized in Lima – with high architectural requirements and a tight construction schedule.
Galileo Satellite Control Centre, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany - The outside of the building resembles a medieval fortress. The facade is comprised of window openings as well as pre-determined regular tie points and horizontal pilaster strips.
The first of a total of three sections will become operational in the autumn of 2017.
Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - Through the planning and supply of formwork and scaffolding from one source, the MULTIFLEX slab formwork and PERI UP shoring could be perfectly matched.
Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - The VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring towers with a height of 23.60 m can support loads of over 200 t in each case. The horizontal assembly of the approx. 10 m high tower sections makes the erection of the shoring easy and safe.
Grain Silo near Parma, Italy - Cost-effective PERI climbing concept: with a complete platform level and halved on-site wall formwork requirements, fast and continuous working operations were achieved.
Power plant Belchatow, Poland - The two-storey supporting structure, with a height of 25 metres, accommodates the sorption installation for the flue gas desulphurisation.
Palm paper mill, King’s Lynn, Great Britain - Only 7 months after beginning the excavation and foundation work, the topping-out ceremony took place; 8 months later, production started in August 2009.
Stanari Thermal Power Station, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina - A total of 9 circular piers with 3.60 m diameters and 40 cm wall thicknesses will subsequently carry a steel platform for the condenser.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - The three ITS high-rise towers for the centre of the ambitious Barangaroo South project in the Sydney harbour area.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - The ISET Tower in Yekaterinburg is characterized by its external shape. PERI planned a comprehensive, crane-independent concept of the climbing formwork required on the elevator shafts and core walls, as well as the climbing protection panel on the building´s outer edges.
JKG Tower, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur - A complete solution consisting of formwork, scaffolding and related services has guaranteed safety at all heights and rapid progress during the construction of JKG Tower complex.
Prosta Tower, Warsaw, Poland - The PERI UP scaffolding extended upwards on the outside keeping pace with the construction progress.
Warsaw Spire - With a height of 220 m, the new office tower of the "Warsaw Spire" building ensemble will be the tallest office building in Warsaw after completion. Two office buildings flank the tower, each 55 m high.
PERI project - water retaining structures - Foz Tua Dam, Vila Real – Alijó, Portugal
Smithland Hydroelectric Power Plant - The Smithland hydroelectric power plant is equipped with 3 turbines; due to the extremely tight construction schedule, all three tubes with their constantly changing cross-sections are being realized at the same time.
Water Towers, Togo
Kamuzu-Dam Overview
Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal - The 2.00 m wide shoring scaffold sections are connected longitudinally by means of heavy-duty spindles and push-pull props to form shoring towers.

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