The principle of the innovative SKYMAX formwork solution is based on compatible components made of various materials. The result of this is a construction kit that paves the way for flexible solutions that will fulfil specific project requirements.
Innovative large panel slab formwork improves degree of safety and economic efficiency

Groundbreaking innovation for slab formwork procedures

The safety requirements imposed on slab-forming procedures are becoming an increasingly significant issue. At formwork and scaffolding manufacturer PERI, ensuring safety during day-to-day work is priority number 1. PERI has unveiled the future-proof large panel formwork system SKYMAX, a groundbreaking innovation for formwork systems. Not only does the innovative principle significantly increase safety levels for users, it also improves the degree of economic efficiency.

07. February 2020
On account of the low weight and the ergonomic handling features, no more than two persons are required for the SKYMAX installation process.

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The solution, which makes it possible to carry out slab-forming procedures from a safe position on the level below, stands out not only due to its low weight, but also due to its high technical and economic flexibility. As such, the SKYMAX system is marketed as a kit consisting of compatible components made of various materials. SKYMAX will provide customers with entirely new and flexible ways of tailoring the formwork solution to unique requirements. The panels, support heads and other system components can be combined in many different ways. In future, it will also be possible to assemble the SKYMAX panels at the construction site using safety equipment in order to produce large slab tables. What’s more, it will also be possible to attach additional panels to the SKYMAX slab table directly and thus flexibly expand the formwork system. In this way, the slab formwork ensures a high degree of economic efficiency on the construction site and is particularly safe.

Future-proof and cost-effective

The ability to carry out the slab-forming procedure from the level below makes SKYMAX a future-proof investment. From a safe position on the installation surface below, the panels are fed through the patented guide openings, which feature retaining teeth, and onto the head where they are automatically secured in place and cannot be lifted out. This reduces the amount of work and level of effort involved and significantly increases the level of safety on the construction site. Additional system components such as column frames and double adjustment beams make it safe and easy to marry up mating surfaces, thus reducing the amount of effort required significantly.

The latest generation of RFID technology

By installing dual-frequency RFID transponders in each SKYMAX system as standard, PERI has ensured that SKYMAX is optimally equipped for the future. This technology enables customers to detect and clearly identify the SKYMAX panels from significant distances and en masse using a scanner. In this way, not only can specific component information and assembly instructions be retrieved digitally using a conventional NFC-compatible smartphone and the PERI Material Scan App thanks to this special RFID tag, logistical processes can also be optimised according to the track & trace principle.

Low number of system components and self-explanatory functionality

Working with the SKYMAX system is remarkably simple due to the low number of different system components. The system of combining the panels and heads is self-explanatory. As such, the assembly process can be learned without the need for extensive training.

Only a single head is required for forming operations as the head can be deployed flexibly in all directions, even in the edge areas and if there is a change in the direction of panels. Thanks to the well-thought-out geometry of the panels, the support heads and lowering heads, the panels can be supported by the heads at any given position. This makes it possible to use SKYMAX in a flexible, simple and time-saving manner.

Fast shuttering and striking

Using the SKYMAX system speeds up construction site processes. The starter beam enables you to start the process easily and makes the formwork process more efficient: In addition to the reduced workload at the outset, fewer tripods are required for the formwork process. What’s more, it is no longer necessary to go through the time-consuming process of levelling the individual props. Using a lowering head keeps the shuttering time to a minimum and paves the way for swift and partial early striking. Once the early striking process is complete, the SKYMAX panels can be used for the next section together with the heads. This reduces the on-site material requirements and cuts costs. Considering the fact that only two workers are required for the shuttering and striking process, the amount of personnel required is also kept to a minimum.

Low weight of the components

The lightweight and large-scale aluminium and polymer-based panels used in the SKYMAX system will win over customers due to their low weight, which reduces the amount of time and effort required for the installation process. None of the formwork elements weigh more than 32 kg. Moreover, the handle strips in the lateral and longitudinal profiles make the panels easier and more ergonomic to handle.