During the construction of the new faculty at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco, an optimally coordinated PERI formwork and scaffolding solution allowed construction to be completed within a nine-month period, while maintaining high safety standards.
Faculty of Governance, Economic and Social Sciences, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Rabat, Morocco

PERI enables nine-month construction period while maintaining high safety standards

PERI supported the construction of the new campus of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Rabat, Morocco. With reliability and customer focus, PERI managed to meet the tight construction deadline of only nine months and helped to ensure that the project was carried out according to strict safety standards. For this construction project, PERI used a just-in-time approach to supply a comprehensive overall solution from a single source, including the new ALPHADECK and HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork as well as PERI UP Scaffolding solutions.

18. May 2022
During construction in Morocco, a total of around 16,000 m2 of PERI formwork panels as well as around 30,000 linear metres of VT 20 Formwork Girders were used, the quality of which impressed the customer.

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From the 2021/2022 academic year onwards, the Faculty of Governance, Economic and Social Sciences (FGSES), will expand the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. The university is referred to as UM6P, and is located in Benguerir, Morocco. The university aims to promote the development of knowledge and understanding in various fields through research, sustainable development and graduate studies.The new campus, located in Rabat, was inaugurated on schedule in September 2021 after a shell construction time of around nine months.

Highest requirements for safety

Two requirements played a key role in the invitation to tender for the project: the French contractor SOGEA MAROC, a VINCI Group subsidiary, demanded compliance with France's safety standards, which are well known for being very demanding. To complicate matters, strict monitoring was also undertaken by the American Engineering Office JESA. PERI won over the customer with their comprehensive safety concept, which included further measures in addition to the safety solutions integrated into PERI products.

Adherence to the tight schedule

Meeting the strict construction deadline was yet another challenge, requiring precise management and optimally coordinated logistics processes. PERI impressed the customer with immediate availability and just-in-time delivery of the materials. Due to the shift-based operations on the construction site and the easy-to-handle PERI systems, which met the requirements for low fault tolerance, downtime was minimised, meaning that the tight schedule could be adhered to.

Efficient and safe formwork for the slabs

Given the high demands for safety and efficiency, a total of 2,000 m2 of ALPHADECK Slab Formwork was the preferred choice for forming the 120,000 m2 of slab area. ALPHADECK is characterised by its particularly easy handling characteristics, involving only a few system components. It was possible to increase the level of safety on the construction site by systematically shuttering and striking the formwork from the level below. ALPHADECK also made a significant contribution in terms of efficiency: the drophead system enabled early striking and rapid cycle sequences, meaning that the panels were soon ready for the next section. With a maximum weight of 15 kg, the low weight of the system components ensured that the workers could conserve their energy and eliminated the need for a crane.

In addition, tried-and-tested girder formwork consisting of a total of 16,000 m2 of PERI formwork panels as well as 30,000 linear metres of VT 20 Girders were used on the site in Morocco. PERI also made its mark here with high quality materials that were immediately available. This convinced the customer that PERI was the right choice; firstly on account of the high quality of the materials and secondly because they were immediately available.

Lightweight hand-set formwork for the foundation

In order to meet the high customer requirements for safety and efficiency when erecting the foundation, a total of 900 m2 of LIWA and HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork was chosen. The lightweight panels, which are available in different sizes, enabled assembly by hand without the use of a crane, thereby saving considerable time.

PERI UP – supporting, working and access scaffolding in a single system

In addition, around 600 t of PERI UP Scaffolding material was used. The innovative scaffolding system impressed on account of its considerable versatility and flexibility of use, as well as by contributing to the high standards of working safety required. With its comprehensive, end-to-end lateral protection consisting of two guardrails and toe boards on all sides as well as non-slip decks, PERI UP meets high safety requirements.

The clever design of PERI UP involving only a few system components also meant that a single scaffolding system could be used for several applications on the construction site. Shoring and stair towers were erected within a short time, in addition to large working platforms.

Ensuring success with a complete solution and construction site support

PERI proved to be a reliable partner to the customer and, in their role as a single-source supplier, were able to provide the required materials with formwork and scaffolding on time – despite the trends on the global timber market and the resulting long delivery times. PERI engineers also ensured daily supervision of the construction site and were available to advise the customer at all times. This minimised the coordination effort of the customer and ensured that construction site processes ran smoothly.