With the ISC SONO WZ Analyser, the water content of fresh concrete can be quickly and precisely determined on site.

SONO WZ Concrete Sensor

The most efficient way to measure water to cement ratio on site in 2 minutes

With the SONO WZ analyzer, the water content of fresh concrete can be quickly and precisely determined on site. The device is based on the innovative TRIME® radar technology and supports simple quality control procedures on the jobsite.

The SONO WZ device consists of a lancehead-shaped probe as well as a portable measuring instrument for displaying the measurement results. By taking 4 to 5 measurements, reliable information regarding the water content in fresh concrete can be achieved within 1 to 2 minutes.

Compared to the conventional method that has been used up to now for measuring water content using a complex test set-up for the so-called Darr procedure, the PERI SONO WZ analyzer leads to considerable time savings on the jobsite.

The technology is based on the TDR principle, also called cable radar. In the process, a high-frequency TDR pulse is generated in the device and runs along a probe, building up an electromagnetic field around the TRIME probe. At the end of the conductor, the pulse is completely reflected and travels back to the source. The duration of the impulse along the measuring probe is directly linked to the volumetric water content and thus provides the desired result.



SONO WZ in action

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  • The ISC SONO WZ Analyser consists of a measuring probe and a hand-held transmitter with a display. The fresh concrete measurements are carried out in a common plastic bucket.
    Why use it?

    Save time on site when testing the water-to-cement ratio in fresh concrete mixes, with our handheld sensor. Designed to work in today’s fast-paced construction environment, you can receive accurate test results in just two minutes.

  • With our handheld sensor, you will save time on site when testing water to cement ratio in fresh concrete mixes.
    Reliable on-site quality control

    Reliable measurement results of the water content in fresh concrete by means of the innovative TRIME® radar technology.

  • The handheld device shows the water content in the fresh concrete with an accuracy of +/- 3 l/m³. The actual w/c ratio can then simply be calculated on the basis of this water content and the cement content (specified in kg on the delivery note).
    Easy and simple handling without any time-consuming set-up procedure

    Fast measuring thanks to a simple and structured approach - without the need for any elaborate test set-up.


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