An image of a laptop, tablet, phone and computer screen displaying the appearance of the myPERI app.

myPERI Customer Portal

Our new customer portal is designed to make working on construction projects easier, safer and more efficient than ever before.

With its user-friendly interface, you can conveniently access all the important project information in one centralized location.

myPERI simplifies everyday project work through manifold functions

  • Reports on jobsite controlling
  • Return delivery notes with pictures
  • Central reports as PDF and Excel files
  • Download of invoice copies, delivery notes and return delivery notes
  • Download of drawings
  • Product flyers, operating manuals and instructions for assembly and use
  • Technical descriptions of all items for sale or rent from the PERI program overview as well as of all PERI systems.
  • Contact details of the personal PERI contact
  • And much more
  • Watch the video to find out more

Project Support

Faster project overview with a mouse click
  • The portal is up-to-date, transparent and available 24/7.
  • Important data is stored centrally and can be simultaneously used by the numerous project parties involved.
  • Due to its clearly structured user interface, myPERI is not complicated and can be used without training.
  • Because of the well-arranged reports, you can always keep an eye on material and costs.
  • Helpful templates and visual support accompany the jobsite handling.
  • Flexible setting-up enables individual access.
  • The access to jobsite data is available at any time, independent of PERI.
Interested in myPERI?

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