Temporary edge protection for your projects.


The safety system for temporary edge protection.

Ensuring the well-being of your workers and the integrity of your structures requires the right tools and equipment. Whether you're working on a high-rise building, a bridge, or any other construction project, PROKIT offers the security and peace of mind you need. 

Without proper protection, the risk of accidents and falls from heights increases significantly. Temporary edge protection systems, like PROKIT, create a physical barrier that helps prevent workers from accidentally falling over edges or openings. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries or fatalities, minimises downtime and keeps the project on track.


PROKIT EP 110 is the 1.10 m high, quickly assembled anti-fall protection for open building edges. With side mesh barriers, posts and assembly feet, it is adaptable to various construction scenarios, making it a suitable temporary edge protection system for a wide range of projects. Its modular design allows for quick assembly, saving you time on-site.

PROKIT in action

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  • PROKIT EP 110: The safety system for temporary edge protection
    Technically Sound

    Reliable securing of open building edges on building shells (in accordance with DIN EN 13374 Class A) and on formwork systems (in accordance with DIN EN 12811).

  • PROKIT EP 110: The PROKIT pallet holds 25 side mesh barriers and simplifies the logistics and assembly of the side protection.
    Fast Assembly

    Minimum number of different, lightweight system components and self-securing posts.

  • PROKIT EP 200: The side protection for increased requirements
    Flexibly Mounted

    Variable mounting possibilities on walls and slabs as well as PERI formwork and scaffolding systems.



The temporary edge side protection for increased requirements

PROKIT EP 200 is used for securing open edges on building shells. The 200 cm high barrier can be securely mounted between the columns or bulkheads by means of tension belts. PROKIT EP 200 also provides large-area protection to prevent materials from falling to the ground.

Easily mounted
Quickly installed with tension belts and cable ties

Especially high design
Standard height 2.00 m, with a third tension belt position – also available as floor height enclosure up to 3.90 m


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