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House Project In Cape Town

Project data

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

A new single family house build.  


The project required a solution to shutter slabs, retaining walls, curvatures, and lift shafts. Additionally, the solution also needed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing architectural concrete finish. 


Hein Visage Project Management.  


Customer's benefit

The HANDSET Alpha was able to offer the client the following benefits :

  • Lighter material for the labour force
  • A system with less material and components 
  • A system that offering inituitive handling



Hein Visage
Project Leader

The current project was key in showing our expertise. 

PERI solution

The PERI solution 

The competative HANDSET Alpha: for the lift shafts and retaining walls. 

The MULTFLEX Girder Slab Formwork: for the slab formwork.

FLEXFORM: for the curvatures 

Plywood cutting: for the architectural finish