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OTMS Tank Farm, Saldanha (South Africa)

Project data

Location: Saldanha, South Africa, South Africa

12 concrete underground tanks are currently being built, each of which is 110 by 110 meters, as large as two football fields.  A total of 13.2 million barrels of oil can be stored here after completion. 150,000 cubic meters of concrete total - equivalent to the contents of more than 60 Olympic swimming pools. PERI was extensively involved from early design stages up to completion. The OTMS tank structures called for a unique design to construct the columns, walls and slabs. Sloping slabs on top of 17 columns, as well as the sloping floors presented design challenges for the design of a suspended support system for the slabs


Main challenge: extremely short cycle time for the 17m high slab formwork of 6 days for a 110 x 110 x 8m section, wall formwork with steel face, 17m high columns in one pour.


WBHO Construction (Pty) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa

Customer's benefit

 - Time/Cost advantage

 -  Easy construction sequence and handling

Berto Smit
MD of WBHO Civils

"We knew that only PERI can give us the solution and confidence to build these challenging structures in a short time!"

(PERI Customer Proximity video)

PERI solution

Walls & Columns:

PERI TRIO special with steel face plate

PERI SRS column formwork with special support system

Full engineering support including BIM on site pre-concreting checklists, method statements and cycle programs

Full site support during the entire phase of pre-assembly and initial installation


VARIOKIT gantries, tableforms and suspended working platforms all on rollers, no cranes required for stripping, moving and repositioning

PERI VARIOKIT gantries in special application, suspended GT/VT tableforms on rollers, suspended working platforms