Slabs formed with PERI MULTIFLEX

Beacon Bay Shop 17
East London, South Africa

Shop 17 Phase 1 is in the heart of Beacon Bay just off the N6, visible to anyone traveling this route. Phase 1 mainly consists of an office block complex. Phase 2 will bring the highly anticipated 15 storey Hotel.

The Ground floor columns are at a height of 4m and the following floors at a height of 3.5m. The Retaining walls range from 3.3m up to 15m in height, what makes this unique is that all 3 PERI steel walling systems is in use on the project. The height of the retaining walls and finish required gave PERI the opportunity to recommend the Maximo system, this went above and beyond the customer expectation ending in the first MAXIMO sale in the Eastern Cape.

The slabs on this project range from a 525 Waffle Slab with a 340mm Flat Slab section up to a 255mm Mezzanine slab. What made that challenging is the fact that the customer requested all soffit levels to be on the same height in the Waffle area leading to PERI assisting in a design for a box out solution to the step in the soffit. PERI supplied the 425mm 900x900 Polypropylene waffles that were packed out on the Tables to form the voids. On the Mezzanine slabs MULTIFLEX was used and a special Vario stop end was designed to form the special shop front s-beam.






Main Application
Commercial Buildings
Project participants
Main Contractor: Eastern Cape Khula Nathi Construction
  • Benefits
    • Fast turn-around with LICO boxes
  • Benefits
    • MAXIMO time efficient tie-system
  • Benefits
    • Fast turn-around on slabs with tables

The Project

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Kenneth Thomson
Kenneth Thomson
Kenneth Thomson
Head Contract Manager
MAXIMO is the Rolls Royce of formwork

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Slabs formed with PERI MULTIFLEX
Slabs formed with PERI MULTIFLEX