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Slab Formwork

Slab Formwork essentially consists of a horizontal load-bearing structure which supports the formlining and transfers the forces into the shoring.

For girder slab formwork, wooden or aluminum girders are crosswisemounted and covered with formlining of choice. This construction allows easy adjustment to accommodate different loads and ground plan geometries.

Large-sized slab tables are prefabricated based on the same principle and then delivered to the construction site. After use, the slab tables are transported below the slab to a position which can be reached with the crane and, from there, moved to the new concreting section. Tables provide a very high level of safety in particular at the slab edges, and ensure very fast shuttering times for large-sized areas.

Modern modular slab formwork systems comprised of panels or girder grids facilitate fast forming operations due to a minimum of individual components and a systematic assembly sequence. For filler areas, complementary system components provide quick and reliable implementation solutions.